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Nitro Shot®, liquid protein with easy absorption

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Nitro Shot® is a Hydrolyzed Liquid Protein that helps us supplement without risk of acidosis. This protein of high biological value, of pharmaceutical quality and inspected by the FDA, without stabilizing chemicals, additives of sugars, fats, sodium, or caffeine, constitutes an option that helps us to replace the consumption of supplementary proteins with a high risk of acidosis.

NitroShot - Liquid Alkaline Protein Nutritional Supplement, is an easily absorbed low molecular weight liquid protein. It is transported by the bloodstream, in record time, to the muscular areas in demand, without exposing our liver and kidney systems to chronic acidosis. Unlike supplements such as protein powders and other non-hydrolyzed protein supplements, which are more difficult to absorb.

For better product experience we provide different product formats: the classic 16oz NitroShot bottle, and the 3oz on-the-go NitroShot bottle with sport cap, for athletes that never rest. It is perfect to carry with you for fast recovery, right after any training or competition.

Contact us to learn more about Nitro Shot®.

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