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How does Nitro Shot® work?

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

The base in the development of the human being is through the intake of high in protein foods, including animal proteins and their derivatives. Since these are the most complete in essential amino acids, called proteins of high biological value but slow digestion, due to their high molecular weight, being large polypeptide chains.

When we are athletes, we consume these proteins indiscriminately due to their skeleton-muscular recovery and regeneration properties. Without taking into consideration that these proteins of high biological value, are acid precursors that are called "potential renal acid load", generating a state of metabolic acidosis that has been associated with metabolic alterations such as diabetes, hypertension, and chronic kidney diseases among others. Acids found in meats, such as ammonia and urea, and other known acid groups, affect our system.

The myth of eating a lot of protein to create more muscles is partly true, but it depends on what proteins we take. We are aware that protein is essential for human life and development, but an animal protein intake of 40 - 60 grams a day, is enough for a healthy life.

Animal protein contains high biological value but also its molecular weight is very heavy because it is long polypeptide chains. Being slow to digest and acid precursor, it is very dangerous for health, acidifying our PH.

Proteins are synthesized within the aqueous system in our liver, where the polypeptide chain is broken, making our liver work at an accelerated pace. We keep the loose amines, and acids are excreted in a watery solution through the kidneys, also putting our renal system to work in an accelerated way. So the more animal protein we ingest, the harder our whole system works, and the more we acidify our PH.

Nitro Shot® is a Liquid protein hydrolyzed "In Vitro", it means outside our body.

Leaving our System free to execute this process, this type of hydrolyzed liquid protein breaks the polypeptide chain and eliminates the acids from the amines. Making the molecular weight as small as 5K Daltons, smaller than the mitochondrion that weighs twice, and with its high biological value with all its essential amines without acids.

Nitro Shot® benefits

Being a liquid protein hydrolyzed "In Vitro” and having such a low molecular weight and high biological value, it works in record time to reach and penetrate muscle areas for maximum recovery and regeneration.

Therefore, we recommend the intake of 1oz or 30ml at every training session, to guarantee through the transport of blood by hypertrophy the penetration of this tiny acid-free protein, for a rapid and healthy development of our developing muscles.

For better product experience we provide different product formats: the classic 16oz NitroShot bottle, and the 3oz on-the-go NitroShot bottle with sport cap, for athletes that never rest. It is perfect to carry with you for fast recovery, right after any training or competition.

Contact us to learn more about Nitro Shot®.

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