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Pure Liquid Alkaline Protein.

Nutritional supplements for the professional athlete.

Our Story

Nitro Shot® is produced and commercialized by Mundo Culturista Inc. We manufacture and distribute products elaborated with the highest quality for advanced and professional athletes. Established in 1999, we are pioneers of collagen in its use as a unique product for the recovery of nitrogen catabolism, in the excess of training of our athletes.

What is NitroShot?

Nitro Shot® is an alkaline liquid protein of high biological value and low molecular weight. Contains the 9 essential amino acids and other semi-essentials. It includes a total of 20 amino acids and in vitro protein synthesis we reach a molecular weight of 5K Daltons per ounce. That is, it is smaller than a mitochondrion, so it moves within our bloodstream to the muscles in record time. These types of triggered aminos are useful in use within any sports discipline. Due to its alkaline state and diminutive size, it moves with transport speed towards the muscular areas in full work, making these muscles recover immediately, leaving the athlete with the sensation of wanting to continue without stopping, offering more work capacity without leave uncomfortable pain.
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