Roger Hernandez

Roger Hernandez creator of Nitroshot is a Body Building and track cycling champion of the Caribbean, Pan-American, national finalist, world-wide finalist and present state champion of Florida track cycling. 

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Roger began as a body builder in 1999 developing into a champion in just a short time. In 2001, 2002 and 2003 NPC, he acquired the overall in the Southern State. Thanks again to Nitroshot and its rapid effectiveness that helped me become successful in this profession.

In 2003, I experienced  deception with a decision by the panel of judges and I left body building and returned to the art of the speed on fixed gear. I felt fulfilled since in this art I do not depend on the mere opinion of judges. In cycling, clearly the winner is the first one that arrives at the line. Now, I can look back and laugh at the past and the future that approaches amazes me, By Gods means. Nitroshot has become a fundamental part of my supplements.

We are a serious company in the distribution and manufacturing of products elaborated with the highest quality for advanced and professional athletes. Established in 1999, we are pioneers of collagen in its use as a unique product for the recovery of nitrogen catabolism in the excess of training of our athletes.