Mike Felling
Multiple Champion
Versatile Athlete

Nitroshot has given me the power and strength to excel in 2 sports at the same time! Last summer at the Florida Cycling track championships I took home the Gold in the 500 meter event, also setting a new Masters time trial record!

3 months later I won multiple awards in 2 bodybuilding shows a week apart. All this at age 55! Nitroshot allows me to train harder and longer with quicker recovery. At this rate I expect  to continue to improve and excel in all events!



Alexander Gil

Nitroshot is the greatest product I have taken in my 6 years of riding bike, and a great product to increase the power of any athlete. Being my first year taking this product I can see a major difference in how i increased and maintain my off season muscle mass. Nitroshot give me the boost I need to go harder on my explosive workouts. I not only notice a physical change but a great increase in my wattage numbers.

Nitroshot is also a great post-workout product as it helps with recovery, with their new formula that has L-Glutamine.

There is not a workout I go through that I do not take this product. I would thank nitroshot for everything it has given me and I recommend it to any type of rider that wishes to become the best that they can be.



Tony Byatt
Master Track Racer
Multi Time Masters Nationals Medalist
Former National Champion

Three major changes for me in 2012: My family and I are all back together, I have a top flight coach in rick voss and I have an ample supply of nitroshot.

I am a happy man from stress reduction worrying if that house would sell and my family could be with me. I am already training harder and cranking out more power this year thanks to good coaching and better recovery.

Thanks to my coach rick for putting up with me and helping me approach this thing in a methodical fashion. Thanks to my friend roger and the nitroshot team for supplying me with one of the few products I have ever tried that actually makes a difference!



Mike Liphotz

No workout is complete without nitroshot. It is one of the best supplements I’ve found, and one of the very few that actually do what they claim. I can feel a big difference in my recovery the day after hard training. I also like that nitroshot is made by a small company rather than a huge corporation. My results tend to be far more consistent.



Mike Felling

I have been using nitroshot for 4 years. In these 4 years I have made my greatest accomplishment in cycling and the gym! I have been on the podium 3 times at sates track nationals and won multiple state championships.

In every single event I have set personal records. In the gym I am lifting much more weight especially in the squat. Dead lift and bench press not only do I lift more weight but I can workout longer without fatiguing. With nitroshot I recover very fast so that I can give 100% every workout.

My physique has changed since I started using nitroshot. More muscle, better symmetry and lower body fat! I look like a cutup middleweight bodybuilder! Thank you nitroshot!

We are a serious company in the distribution and manufacturing of products elaborated with the highest quality for advanced and professional athletes. Established in 1999, we are pioneers of collagen in its use as a unique product for the recovery of nitrogen catabolism in the excess of training of our athletes.